My Roles

I have experience in multiple business types, across various sectors of IT. Roles I am able to assist with include CTO, IT Director, IT Manager or IT Support. If you need a consultant or contractor for a specific project, or simply to offer some guidance without the need to take on a full role, then I can help.

I am available for full time work, part time or hourly.

Am I a Consultant or a Contractor? Both.

What's the difference? A Consultant's role is to evaluate the client's needs, provide advice and guidance, and in short, tell you what you need to do (e.g. build a new server). A Contractor's role is normally to evaluate the client's needs and then actually fulfil those needs (e.g. building that server).

Many roles now cross the two and I'm happy with that.


I have experience starting new businesses and can assist with getting your IT off the ground. I may work for reduced, or zero, fees in return for shares.